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Stepping Out’s aim is to create a vibrant dance culture, which enables everyone to engage with dance in all its forms – as a leisure pursuit, as an art form and as a means of maintaining physical and mental well-being. To achieve this vision, a home is needed and that home is Stepping Out Studios. Our Studios are the ideal place to set up a variety of dance sessions, workshops and events for the enjoyment and participation of all members and groups of the community: toddlers, children, young people, boys, adults, elderly, young carers groups, disability groups and groups from various clubs and day care centres.

Ballet School


We strive to become a location of choice for dancers of all ages and abilities across all dance genres. Each studio contains the very best equipment available in order to ensure that all our guests have a safe, productive and enjoyable experience.



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Stepping Out Studios

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Telephone: 6509 4300