Tap is a great way to exercise, to develop rhythm, style and coordination and is an easily accessible dance form for all ages.

From the traditional style of Fred Astaire to the more recent styles of tap dogs and stomp, this syllabus gives students a real feeling of achievement and prepares them for the intricacies of more advanced steps and choreography.

We offer all CSTD Grades from Preliminary 1 upwards in the Stepping Out Studios.  All of our classes are taught by fully qualified and highly experienced dance professionals.  Please call us on 8183 1683 to check on availability or for a free trial.


About The CSTD

The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) had its beginnings in 1933 and today, the Society is an authoritative examining body whose high standards are internationally respected.  The CSTD is one of the main Ballet syllabi in Singapore currently.

Stepping Out Studios cover the entire CSTD syllabus and is an accredited examination centre.


Little Stars

Little Stars is a great introduction to tap dancing for our younger guests (4-5 years old).