About Us

We are passionately devoted to dance. Whether dancing for fun and exercise or pursuing a career in the arts, Stepping Out is here to help you every Step of the way.

Located in the heart of Singapore, Stepping Out is a community dance company founded in 2010. Building on the already vibrant and exciting dance infrastructure in Singapore, Stepping Out plans to bring community dance to the next level. We aim to contribute to social, economic and community development through projects that encourage personal enjoyment, empowerment and enrichment.

Our mission is: “To share our passion for dance with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, through a variety of community and outreach projects and education programmes”

Stepping Out is committed to making dance accessible to everyone – using experienced, professional staff to deliver high-quality classes and projects. Our practitioners have worked in multiple countries and prestigious national organisations (including the Royal Academy of Dance, Dora Stratou Theatre and Community Dance Wales).